What’s new in AX 2012 Data upgrade??

In earlier version, all upgrade tasks were performed on a single production system and during that time, the system was offline for regular users

In AX 2012, the business data is pre-processed on to a source system which is the system that runs Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, while that system is live. 
While data on the source system is pre-processed, A separate, offline target system can be built, which is the system that runs Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. 
So the above upgrade model is known as Source-to-Target upgrade model.

The Gift of the GAB

Introduced with AX 2009, the Global Address Book (GAB) allows for better management of your “parties” (Customers, Vendors, Employees etc…)

Essentially, the GAB lets you “link” parties together. So, for instance your company does business with the same customer from several AX company accounts, the customer needs to be created in each, but the records can be linked together through the GAB –This way, updating address or contact information will be synchronized for the customer all through your organization.

Website provides valuable views on technology for AEC firms

As we’ve written about on this blog before, one of our core focus areas as a business is around providing Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solutions to A&E firms (Architecture & Engineering). In fact, Systems Advisors Group was recently named part of Microsoft’s Virtual Industry Team Unit that will be working closely with Microsoft to provide Dynamics AX ERP solutions to A&E firms. As part of this initiative, we’re also in the process of planning a webcast with ZweigWhite, a respected industry authority providing publications, events, and management consulting services to firms in the A&E industry. More details on this webcast will be provided soon.

Catch weight Introduced in AX 2012 (Process Industry)

With the process industry solution for AX the concept of Catch weight was introduced in AX.

 The CW functionality was designed to deal with liquid inventory such as paint production where someone needs to track how many drums of an Item they have in stock but at the same time want visibility for example by litres.

Why pallets are not tracked beyond a warehouse?

Normally in businesses, pallets keep moving across multiple entities and hence it is not advisable to keep track of pallet movement beyond one warehouse. AX can track each movement of a pallet within a specific warehouse and every time it is transferred to another warehouse, its best to generate a new pallet ID and register that pallet in the receiving warehouse.

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