AX 2012 client error : Invalid directory structure for Microsoft Dynamics AX


I was playing around with AX 2012 in one of my labs and I started getting following error.

 AX 2012

To be frank with you, I had made couple of KB updates and few cuddling with my system registry for checking some components. But believe me I landed up in a mess and started getting the following error, was clueless on what was leading to this issue.

AX 2012:Client Calendar lookups do not consider local system regional settings

A strange design change in AX 2012 Client calendar look ups observed.

To give you a brief, until AX 2009,we considered AX client calendar taking the local client system setting. Meaning, if we go to windows >> change the date, time settings and change the first day of the week as monday;my expectation with AX 2009 is, if I do this modification and open my AX client and then go to any of the date field and click Calendar lookup then I should be able to see the calendar for this month starting with day as Monday.

Encumbrance & Pre- Encumbrance (Commitment Accounting AX2012)


When the encumbrance process is enabled, we can create purchase order encumbrances that are recorded in the general ledger when a purchase order is confirmed.

Encumbered amounts on a purchase order are relieved when a vendor invoice is confirmed to spend all or part of the encumbered amount. Relieved amounts are subtracted from the amount of the purchase order encumbrance.

How do I perform 'Consolidation' in AX ?

Consolidation is simply gathering transactions from several company accounts into a single set of company accounts (Consolidation). We can't post daily transaction in consolidation company.

To perform a Consolidation process,

  • First,we need to create a New Legal Entity for consolidation
  • tick the "Use for Financial Consolidation Process" in General Tab
  • set up the consolidation company as set by subsidiary company. Like chart of accounts,currency, exchange rate

Difference between inventory marking, Reservation and Batch reservation.

Marking is very similar to a physical reservation where you are saying that this item from the receipt will be "applied" or "allocated" to this issue. However, with marking there is also a financial implication. Marking overrides the financial cost of the issue. This means that FIFO, or Weighted average (or other costing method) is ignored on the issue. Instead the cost of the issue will be set to the cost of the receipt that you are marking against.

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