SAGlobal introduces new BI Tool for Microsoft Dynamics AX Service Industries!

Over the years, ERP software systems has got a very good at collecting large volumes of information about your business.  For professional services organizations, this includes capturing all sorts of details about your clients, your projects, your finances, and your resources.  The challenge has always been for ERP systems to provide the ability for your users to access that data in a meaningful way that can help them make good business decisions.

What’s new in AX 2012 Data upgrade??

In earlier version, all upgrade tasks were performed on a single production system and during that time, the system was offline for regular users

In AX 2012, the business data is pre-processed on to a source system which is the system that runs Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, while that system is live. 
While data on the source system is pre-processed, A separate, offline target system can be built, which is the system that runs Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. 
So the above upgrade model is known as Source-to-Target upgrade model.

The Gift of the GAB

Introduced with AX 2009, the Global Address Book (GAB) allows for better management of your “parties” (Customers, Vendors, Employees etc…)

Essentially, the GAB lets you “link” parties together. So, for instance your company does business with the same customer from several AX company accounts, the customer needs to be created in each, but the records can be linked together through the GAB –This way, updating address or contact information will be synchronized for the customer all through your organization.

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