The new Microsoft Dynamics AX is born. This time in the cloud.

The new Microsoft Dynamics AX is born. This time in the cloud.

ERP software has long been associated with clunky interfaces, complicated screens with hundreds of fields and a long learning curve. While the landscape of ERP software has changed over the years, the user interface has stayed the same. That’s why we’re excited that Microsoft has made a radical overhaul in the new Dynamics AX!

Microsoft Partner SAGlobal Gets Early Lesson in New Dynamics AX with In-House Deployment

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SAGlobal was one of the first organizations worldwide to use the new release of Microsoft Dynamics AX (also called AX7 and Microsoft Dynamics AX Rainier).

Linda Rosencrance interviewed Andy Yeomans (Director of Business Development for SAGlobal US) on our journey and present experience with AX7 in this article below.

To view the article larger, click on the image below or read it on here.

SAGlobal Goes Live on the New Microsoft Dynamics AX™!

SAGlobal is excited to announce that our global business has gone live on the new Microsoft Dynamics AX™, informally known as Microsoft Dynamics “AX7”.  We are now using the new Microsoft Dynamics AX™ as our global project management and accounting platform in entities in our North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions.

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