• SAGlobal recognized as the Winner of the 2018 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent Partner of the Year Award

    SAGlobal recognized as the Winner
    of the 2018 Microsoft Dynamics 365
    for Talent Partner of the Year Award

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New and Improved Timesheets Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

With the release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and the Services industry solution for Dynamics AX, Microsoft has made some significant improvements in the usability of the timesheets module. The goal from an R&D standpoint was to make entering and managing timesheets both easier and faster for your employees, and to maximize the accuracy of the time records.  In this blog we’ll highlight some of these new enhancements.

As with previous versions of Dynamics AX, there are multiple interfaces for entering time for your projects.  Since the most widely adopted model is through the Enterprise Portal web browser interface, we’ll focus mostly on the enhancements in this interface. The Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal allows users to access self-service functions in Dynamics AX via the popular Microsoft SharePoint collaboration platform, which has quickly become the de facto standard for web portal platforms.

New Kennedy Consulting study discusses the state of IT Consulting firms

A new study released by Kennedy Consulting Research shows some interesting trends within IT Consulting firms.  One of the more notable trends is that IT Consulting firms are increasingly getting requests from clients to provide services on a fixed-fee basis rather than time and materials (T&M).  According to the study, clients feel that they can better control costs with fixed fee billing.  However, many IT Consulting providers are countering this request by proposing more of a hybrid billing method where only a portion of the project is done on a fixed fee basis.  

Microsoft Dynamics AX : A leader in 2012 Gartner Group Magic Quadrant Analysis

For those looking for further validation around the leadership position that Microsoft Dynamics AX has established in the ERP market, look no further than the newly released 2012 Gartner Group Mid-Market Magic Quadrant. Gartner’s popular Magic Quadrant analysis has become the most sought after and reputable source of information about the state of the ERP market and the vendors and solutions that are available. In this analysis, Gartner ranks ERP systems as niche players,visionaries,challengers, or leaders (from lowest rating to highest), based on their vision for the future and their ability to execute.

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