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    sa.global recognized as Finalist for the 2019 Media & Communications Partner of the Year Award

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Creating a longer line at the female restroom!

Strange statement, but it’s true. When it comes to technical conferences, it isn’t uncommon to see the female attendee count far less than our counterpart males. The question to be asked is, Why? In today’s world we often see women in high level technical roles so why aren’t they attending these valuable conferences.

As a member of the Dynamics Community I was asked to be a member of their special interest group, Women in Dynamics. The Women in Dynamics Special Interest Group or SIG was launched in 2015 and had 24 members that first year, it has grown exponentially with over 272 active members today. The intent is to connect women across all Dynamics user groups and to create a diverse pool of female expertise and experience.

Members of the Women in Dynamics SIG have access to enriched content that includes topics around:

  • Negotiation Tactics
  • How to be Authentic
  • Encouraging Confidence
  • Today’s Women in Technology
  • Salary Tools
  • Characteristics of a Successful Women in Business
  • Webinars to Elevate Your Career
  • Multiple Book Reviews

Those are just a few examples of the topics offered and members also can also participate in the discussion forums and virtual roundtable discussions.

Members have access to discussion forum, virtual roundtable discussions and events around Dynamics events that supports today’s women in technology. Members are encouraged to attend the Dynamic Communities events such as Summit.

Recently, the Women in Dynamics SIG met in Dublin, Ireland to attend the EMEA Summit 2018 in April. Women from all walks of technology and the world gathered for a luncheon with a panel discussion. Sponsored by Columbus Global, Mary Hunter their European Director kicked off the theme of: BE BOLD: Be Bold in leadership, Be Bold for others, Be Bold for yourself, and Be Bold for the future.

Attendees heard other women tell their journey stories and personal experiences and how they made it to the top as a female executive. The time together exposed women’s determination in making it in this male dominated industry.

Women in Dynamics SIG expects to continue to see growth in their membership as well as an increase in women attending the upcoming Dynamic-related conferences such as Summit 2018. The theory and messaging around Be Bold will continue to be the thread that links women in technology together. Women in Dynamics can do more to Be Bold in leadership, Be Bold for others, Be Bold for yourself and Be Bold for the future by following the six takeaways presented:

Women in Dynamics

With the proliferation of Microsoft Dynamics and its attractiveness to businesses of all sizes and sectors, the work and cultural environments have become highly diverse too. As a result, women are filling the talent pool and leadership roles. Because of this swing it is imperative that we become more involved, attend and actively participate in the Dynamics user groups.

It may sound strange, but we need to increase the line at the female restroom, become encouraging, provide opportunities along with share knowledge and expertise. Be Strong Women Becoming Strong Together!

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Dynamics Community with benefits to the Women in Dynamics SIG simply join by clicking here.

The image above in the blog has been taken from https://www.dynamiccommunities.com/blogs/liz-shine/2018/05/03/4-empowering-insights-from-summit-emea-women-in-te?CommunityKey=22dfcdfb-1707-4057-b123-49e6ba8b346a&tab=recentcommunityblogsdashboard

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