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Data Migration Framework (DMF) for AX 2012

I am extremely happy that Microsoft has announced the release of their eagerly awaited Data Migration Tool for AX 2012.

With this a major missing piece in rolling out AX 2012 at customer sites has been filled :-). Now, as a consultant, I can confidently smile during customer discussions around Data Migration.

I've been playing around with this tool for a few days and at first look, it seems really promising.

Here are the highlights so far: 

  • Uses the power of SQL SSIS
  • Has the much awaited data staging functionality
  • Takes into consideration the application complexity and DB table normalization
  • Uses the power of flat files. In later versions we hope to see other formats as well
  • Complex scenarios covered out-of-the-box
  • Fewer developer interventions ( I can see a smile on consultants faces!).
  • More user friendly messaging and error handling (This does need improvement and that has been promised)

There are many, many more features, but these were the main highlights for me! 

The following diagram shows the architecture of the Data Migration Framework.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

The following diagram shows the configuration steps that are required before you can migrate entities into Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

What is available out-of-the-box ( a curious question which always arises J)

Bill of materials (BOM)
Contact addresses
Customer addresses
Employee addresses
Inventory journal
Ledger balances
Main account
Open invoices (accounts payable)
Open invoices (accounts receivable)
Open sales orders
Open purchase orders
Price disc
Unit of measure
Vendor address 

Can we have more ... yes we can always customize (as always) ...

Try it out yourself ...



How to useMSDN link

Find this framework here

Remember, you'll need to login with your Customer/PartnerSource logins to access both those sources.

About the Author

Anish Abslom

Anish Abslom

Anish is best described as a dedicated Dynamics student and an Microsoft Dynamics evangelist with more than 10 years of Architectural experience in various Microsoft product development platforms. He is always fascinated and hooked to anything that involves technical/process developments which can enhance operational/business opportunity for organisations. His current areas of interest are ERP, product consulting, object oriented development and design patterns.

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