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Dynamics AX 2012 Integration to Microsoft Project

Dynamics AX 2012 Integration

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, since the release of R2 CU7, now includes an out-of-the-box integration to Microsoft Project. This replaces (or at least completes, for now) the integration to Project Server, which will be good news to anyone who tried to get the (rather clunky) Project Server integration to work in the past !

This Microsoft Project integration seems much more stable and straight-forward to set up. It comes in a similar fashion to the already-known “Office Add-ins” Microsoft has released for Excel, Word etc…

From a functional perspective, it integrates the AX 2012 Projects’ Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to Microsoft Project, either from Projects or Project Quotations.

For example, you can create a Project in AX 2012, then quickly attach a pre-defined WBS from one of the templates – This creates the WBS for your project, with a number of tasks and sub-tasks :

Work Breakdown Structure Screenshot

Once this is done, the integration allows you to export this to Microsoft Project, and then complete / refine this list of tasks in a much richer and user-friendly environment :

MS Project Screenshot

can quickly become :

MS Project Screenshot


Activities and Resources are synchronized from AX, so resource scheduling can also be done from Microsoft Project.

Once the plan is finalized, click on “Publish” to update the WBS back to Dynamics AX :


The AX WBS is then updated with all the changes :

Updated WBS

Projects can even be started from scratch in Microsoft Project, then sent to AX.

So, this integration now offers a very quick and efficient way to maintain your projects’ detailed tasks lists and resource scheduling in Dynamics AX 2012, enhancing considreably its Project Management capabilities.


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Antoine is a Senior Consultant with sa.global, specializing in Dynamics AX and GP. He has more than 15 years experience in consulting, particularly in the areas of Financial Management and Business Intelligence.

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