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New and improved 'Expense Reporting Functionality' in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Many of our clients that provide project-based services have a significant volume of expense reports that flow through their organization.  Some of these expenses are simply internal costs that are booked to the General Ledger, but many of these expenses are often re-billed to clients.  By ensuring that your organization fully recovers these billable expenses, you can avoid incurring costs that you shouldn’t be.

Many organizations still use a manual expense reporting policy where employees utilize Excel reports to track their expenses.  This model is often error prone, and prevents the enforcement or validation of any expense policies that your organization needs to monitor.

Microsoft Dynamics AX has a comprehensive Expense Management system that allows employees to access a web-based self-service interface to enter and approve expense reports.  With the Dynamics AX 2012 Professional Services industry solution, Microsoft has made some nice enhancements to the previous Expense Management functionality.  Whether you’re tracking general expense reports or re-billable expenses for your projects, Dynamics AX has some great tools available for your employees to quickly and easily and their expense reports.

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Senior Business Manager with sa.global

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