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AX 2012 client error : Invalid directory structure for Microsoft Dynamics AX


I was playing around with AX 2012 in one of my labs and I started getting following error.

 AX 2012

To be frank with you, I had made couple of KB updates and few cuddling with my system registry for checking some components. But believe me I landed up in a mess and started getting the following error, was clueless on what was leading to this issue.

This prompted me to use a very useful tool from MS,the Procmon( process monitor) (my sincere thanks to Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell for inventing this one; who has done a brilliant job with this tool :))


When I started tracing AX 2012 Client using procmon, I could see lot of secrets regarding AX 2012 on the registries and the file access! And it gave me a clear hint on to the reason behind this issue.

I could see that under following registry key there were duplicate entries -

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Dynamics\6.0 \Configuration\Original (installed configuration).
and AX configuration  was not able to refer to right configuration entry in the registry. Once  corrected,the AX 2012 was back in action!

To know more about our adventures on AX 2012 process tracing we can hook-up through comment section right here!!!



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Anish Abslom

Anish Abslom

Anish is best described as a dedicated Dynamics student and an Microsoft Dynamics evangelist with more than 10 years of Architectural experience in various Microsoft product development platforms. He is always fascinated and hooked to anything that involves technical/process developments which can enhance operational/business opportunity for organisations. His current areas of interest are ERP, product consulting, object oriented development and design patterns.

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