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All about Case management in AX 2012

Most of the times when you refer case management; people refer to customer service like addressing any issues, concerns etc.  Out of the many features introduced in AX 2012, Case Management is one of the unique features that can be leveraged in many modules in AX.

In AX2012, you can use case management for Customer Service through sales and Marketing, purchase and sales, Human Resource, collections management and Auditing.

You can not only create cases but also check on the progress and the resolution of the cases. You also can invoice the cases through Projects. Case management provides the ability to centrally manage issues, questions or any situations that needs to be tracked.

In order to understand the case management, we would need to run through the following setup.

  • Case category- A hierarchical structure for classifying the type of cases. More specific the categories, more targeted the knowledge articles can be associated to the various categories.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

  • Case process-list of tasks and responsibilities required for resolving a case.

ERP Software Solutions, Ms Dynamics AX

  • Knowledge Article- A note, hyperlink to a website, document, or other file that contains a solution to an issue being handled through a case. This is a very important tool for issues resolution which can contain a list of frequently asked questions, knowledge base of any resolved issues that have happened in the past and any other documents that are important. You can assign the knowledge articles per case category which makes it easier for the reference needed for that case.

ERP Implementation Partner

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA) - SLAs can be set up as defaults on case categories, or entered manually on a case-by-case basis. These are important to meet the expectations or deadlines for the resolution of the cases.

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP

  • Case log- A tracking mechanism for keeping history of notes and changes that were made to a specific case. Every status and change done can be recorded through the case logs, which allows noting and tracking the interactions done through the life cycle of that case.

ERP Software Solutions

  • Activities- Used to track appointments, tasks, actions, or events related to a case.

This scenario is creating cases for filing Income tax returns, tracking the expenses through projects and closing the case.

Go to Organisation Administration>>Setup>>Cases>>Case Categories.

  • Create a Case category 0007 filing the Income tax returns.
  • Case Category as Project.
  • Assign the SLA and the activities.
  • Give the Knowledge article details and the person responsible in the Responsibilities form.

ERP Business Software

Create case.

Home >>All cases>>Action pane >>Click on cases.

Create a new case, select the case Category 0007 and fill in the required fields and create the case.  

New form will open where you can fill in all the required details of the case. Change the Status to In Progress.When the status of the case is updated to in process, the system starts logging the time that is spent on the case. Use the Stop button to pause the time recording.

AX 2012

Now go to the General tab, Click on the Projects>>Create new T&M Project.

Give the required details.

Click OK.

You will have the new Project associated with the case look at the Association details form as shown below

Microsoft Dynamics AX Implementation Partner

Now you can do the normal transactions in the Project and capture the expenses in the project, you can invoice the Project.

Go to Home >>All cases>Select the case.

In case you need to attach any new documents to the case you can go to attachments in the action pain and add the same.

Also update the case log with the new action. And change the status to close.

Microsoft Dynamics AX


Case management is extended to site services allowing you to extended the business processes to the web, site services is an extensible, metadata driven data platform which extends AX2012 to the cloud allowing integrations with an organizations website.


Stay tuned for more such informative blogs!



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With 13 years of experience in ERP, specialising in AX functionality across versions , Solution designing ,Project Management and delivery.

Rohan also has special interests in reading about new business processes and features along with understanding their viability. He also enjoys spreading this message across through his blogs.

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