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Closing the transfer order under/over delivered.

Take an example, for 10 items shipped in a Transfer Order you have received only 8. You can do the following to close the transfer order.

In the Setup tab, of the transfer order, you can place a % for Under delivery, in order to consider the order as completed.

AX also gives you the option to "close" the transfer order line when shipping. Check out the Close checkbox on the line when you are shipping the transfer order or try the functions button on the transfer order line, select the deliver remainder option and then hit the "Cancel quantity" button. Both options require properly set up under-delivery option (enable the functionality from the parameters and define the allowed percentage on the transfer order line).

You can also try to do the following when receiving the materials, you can use the scrapped quantity to say that those 2 items in the example where discarded. So, AX will enter 8 to inventory and at the same time will adjust 2 items out of inventory.

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Rohan Wilson Lobo

With 13 years of experience in ERP, specialising in AX functionality across versions , Solution designing ,Project Management and delivery.

Rohan also has special interests in reading about new business processes and features along with understanding their viability. He also enjoys spreading this message across through his blogs.

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