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Debate on the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 global and entity level changes

There are several changes done in AX 2012, one of main conceptual change is the introduction of global and entity level change.

With this we can have the centralised COA, Items, employees and currencies this is very useful as it will have less scope for duplication, we can quickly create unlimited form-based financial dimensions that can be shared across legal entities for a complete business view, audit trail transparency, and detailed analyses.

But with the introduction of this concept we have several teething issues, prominent among them is the data upgrade and the data migration issue, definitely this is something that Microsoft dynamics AX team has not thought of as quickly as it should have been thinking of, the direct result of this is many partners have come out with their own migration tools, there are scope creep that has happened in the implementations due to the migration and uploads of master data and the balances. Many had taken it based on the experience of AX2009. Although Microsoft has released an upload tool (Beta Version), it’s still in its nascent stages.

The second major problem that has come with the Global and entity level concept is the changes that have happened in the base functionality like the COA, currencies etc... Consultants are finding it difficult to know what needs to be globally set and what needs entity level configuration. Again I feel this is only the matter of time once the consultants get use to this routine it should be perfectly fine.

But overall, introduction of this concept is a big shift from AX2009, and the consultants should take some additional training to ensure that they are up to date with the new changes and give a right direction for all AX2012 implementations.

About the Author

Rohan Wilson Lobo

With 13 years of experience in ERP, specialising in AX functionality across versions , Solution designing ,Project Management and delivery.

Rohan also has special interests in reading about new business processes and features along with understanding their viability. He also enjoys spreading this message across through his blogs.

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