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Encumbrance & Pre- Encumbrance (Commitment Accounting AX2012)


When the encumbrance process is enabled, we can create purchase order encumbrances that are recorded in the general ledger when a purchase order is confirmed.

Encumbered amounts on a purchase order are relieved when a vendor invoice is confirmed to spend all or part of the encumbered amount. Relieved amounts are subtracted from the amount of the purchase order encumbrance.

Pre- Encumbrance

A pre-encumbrance is a request to reserve funds for planned expenditures i.e., purchase requisition. The funds have been requested, but have not yet been approved for a purchase order. If the pre-encumbrance process is enabled, you can create purchase requisitions with a pre-encumbered amount for the planned expenditure.

The pre-encumbrance amount will be relieved and transferred to purchase order once the purchase requisition is approved and converted to purchase order.

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With 13 years of experience in ERP, specialising in AX functionality across versions , Solution designing ,Project Management and delivery.

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