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Strange issue of webfiles or webpage nodes not editable in AX 2012

I was facing a strange issue with one of the AX 2012 implementation with customisation of EP and web deployments.

A brief on what we had seen  si as follows

The issue was that you can’t edit web files or web pages in the AOT – so you change a property on one, you save it, looks like it worked, but close it and reopen it again and the change has reverted.

It happens when the compiler setup option to update cross reference during compile is enabled.

so we unchecked this option and the problem has gone.

But this was not a permanent solution as we need to ensure that cross reference is always updated on the Dev environment.

I think permanent fix for this issue could be to have the latest kernel.

About the Author

Anish Abslom

Anish Abslom

Anish is best described as a dedicated Dynamics student and an Microsoft Dynamics evangelist with more than 10 years of Architectural experience in various Microsoft product development platforms. He is always fascinated and hooked to anything that involves technical/process developments which can enhance operational/business opportunity for organisations. His current areas of interest are ERP, product consulting, object oriented development and design patterns.

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