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Task Guides in the new Dynamics AX

With the release of the new Dynamics AX (aka AX 7), a brand new task recorder feature set has been released. Task recorders now manifest as in-product help called Task guides. Task guides are an amazing piece of technology and engineering. The whole experience is awesome for helping to train users and help them remember how to execute functions in Dynamics AX.

Creating a new task recording

Click on Settings (gear icon) > Task recorder.

Create a new recording.

Give the recording a name and description. Click OK.

Step through the process in AX. Each step will show up in the Task recorder window.

Each step will have default text, but the text can be modified by clicking on the edit icon.

When finished with the recording, click on the Stop button.

Playing the Task guide

Click on Settings (gear icon) > Task recorder.


Play recording as guide to step through each step in Dynamics AX.


Open the Task guide from this PC. Browse for the task recording file. Click on Open task guide then Start task guide.



Now the cool part! AX will point exactly where to click for each step, and display any additional instructions supplied while recording the guide.

About the Author

Joel Leichty

Joel Leichty

Joel Leichty has simplified Dynamics 365 since 2002 (Axapta 2.5) and became a Microsoft MVP in 2013. He is the Director of Products and BI at sa.global, managing Products and Business Intelligence for the Professional Services industry.

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