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The evolution of data storage from the 70’s to now and beyond.. !

When we look back at the years spent on improving technology, we come to understand that right from the beginning the major focus/primary reason for this technological progression; was to find various mediums to ‘store’ data.

As we move towards becoming an ‘interconnected world’ , the apprehensions on how secure the stored data is, does one get the flexibility in accessing data from anywhere , anytime at an economic cost? – well.. we do have answers to all these with ‘Cloud’ solution

This cool infographic represents the evolution that data storage has been through -

Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud Computing Info graphic  

Source : blogs.technet.com

A Cloud solution can give people access to services any time, on any device, anywhere in the world. Dynamics AX is perhaps Microsoft’s best enterprise-level ERP solution, with broad applications across most verticals. And certainly more suited for geographically dispersed organizations, making ‘Cloud’ the most sought after and making it the ‘next big’ thing in the technological market.

What does Dynamics AX look like in the Cloud?

Dynamics AX in the Cloud incorporates the full range of ERP functions usually provided by a fully integrated and customized on-premise solution. When Dynamics AX is implemented for the Cloud, there are no large upfront investments for hardware or servers.  All maintenance and monitoring is performed by the Cloud provider, which drastically reduces in-house IT staff and maintenance costs. Therefore,with Dynamics AX in the Cloud, you will be able to utilize modules and applications anytime, anywhere through secure internet access.

SAGlobal has been successfully partnering with organizations to deliver business solutions for more than 23 years in 50 countries; it has partnered with SaaSplaza, which is the only hosting provider with a focus on Dynamics AX. Together SAG and SaaSPlaza can help customers equip with Dynamics AX effortlessly on cloud with its deep knowledge and experience in client implementations across the globe.

Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Cloud offering includes the following:

  • All of the Microsoft Dynamics AX modules and applications, including Microsoft SQL Server
  • Configuration and Integrations to existing AX add-ons
  • No server or hardware on-going costs
  • Implementation in as little as 6-8 weeks
  • Greater Flexibility, scale the number of users or functionality up or down as needed
  • Secure Access from Anywhere,  Any Time
  • Secured regular data backup
  • State of the art facilities security

Read our customer satisfaction case study on Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud implementation

Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. For more information on our Microsoft Dynamics AX Cloud offering.

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