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The Gift of the GAB

Introduced with AX 2009, the Global Address Book (GAB) allows for better management of your “parties” (Customers, Vendors, Employees etc…)

Essentially, the GAB lets you “link” parties together. So, for instance your company does business with the same customer from several AX company accounts, the customer needs to be created in each, but the records can be linked together through the GAB –This way, updating address or contact information will be synchronized for the customer all through your organization.

Same goes with an Employee who is also a Vendor (to pay Expenses through the Expense Management module, for example).

Let’s see how this can be achieved. Say customer “Oasis, Inc.” must be a customer in companies CEU and CEE.

First create it in CEU

Microsoft Dynamics AX


Now, create it again in another company, CEE in our case. This is where the trick is, you must look up the customer from the GAB drop down list in the name field here :

Dynamics AX

All address and contact information is automatically inherited from the customer created in CEU :

ERP Solutions

Besides, the GAB record shows you that both customers are linked, so further updates will be replicated for both customers :

ERP Software


As said previously, you can also link Vendor and Employee records together, but here your Vendor must be of type Person, and not Organization.

Finally, if you erroneously created records separately, the “merge” functionality of the GAB lets you merge the records together at a later stage

Global Address Book, Microsoft Dynamics AX


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Antoine is a Senior Consultant with sa.global, specializing in Dynamics AX and GP. He has more than 15 years experience in consulting, particularly in the areas of Financial Management and Business Intelligence.

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