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The new Microsoft Dynamics AX is born. This time in the cloud.

ERP software has long been associated with clunky interfaces, complicated screens with hundreds of fields and a long learning curve. While the landscape of ERP software has changed over the years, the user interface has stayed the same. That’s why we’re excited that Microsoft has made a radical overhaul in the new Dynamics AX!

Looking at the user interface, one would wonder if it’s an enterprise software or a really well designed web-page! The cloud-based Dynamics AX gives the user an experience that has to be seen to be appreciated. SAGlobal will be offering webinars and demos over the next few weeks and months – keep track of the dates via our events page.


SAGlobal is a part of the Microsoft early adoption program TAP. This allowed us to implement the new Dynamics AX in-house across all our offices around the world – giving us a first-hand opportunity to experience and use the new Dynamics AX. To read about how SAGlobal is using the new Dynamics AX across the company, read this interview on MSDynamicsWorld.com or our blog post on going live in early January here.

The new Microsoft Dynamics AX will be available around the end of February or early March 2016. SAGlobal is excited to share what we’re already using with YOU!

So is it just the look?

It’s not just the look that’s changed. The new Microsoft Dynamics AX differs from its earlier avatars in many ways. Most obvious is that it is born in the cloud; an on-premise offering will be made available later in 2016. It also borrows heavily from the consumer side of technology, including a browser-based, HTML5 user interface.

This new release, architected for the cloud, brings the power and intelligence of the next generation of cloud computing in an enterprise-class business application to people and organizations worldwide. It does this by tapping technologies like Cortana (Microsoft's voice-command based personal assistant) and Azure Machine Learning for near real-time analytics through Power BI.

Even its name is different, no longer reflecting release dates or versions. It was code named Microsoft Dynamics Rainier, then referred to as AX 7. Now it’s just Microsoft Dynamics AX – reinvented.

A new user experience to accelerate decision-making

Dynamics AX offers a new guided user experience that looks and works like Microsoft OfficeAX7 Azure Screen 365 and delivers deep integration that seamlessly shares information between Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM, Power BI and Office 365. With its browser-based client, it's available across platforms, devices and form factors; a Windows 10 Universal App will deliver the same HTML5 experience, as will apps for iOS and Android.

Quicker implementation and easier management

The new release introduces enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services, an Azure-based service that allows for turnkey deployment with prebuilt, industry-specific solutions available in the Azure Marketplace and automated setup on Azure, empowering customers to deploy faster with higher quality. The new Dynamics AX also delivers a more flexible solution architecture that enables incremental implementations, changes and updates, giving businesses more agility and faster time to value.

Enabling business through the power of the cloud

The new release brings with it the benefits of the cloud that are most important for businesses — from simple sign-up, immediate provisioning, and built-in high availability and disaster recovery, to an elastic capacity to add resources but only pay for them when they are being used.

If you’d like to know more about the new Microsoft Dynamics AX or more about any specific feature, then just leave a comment here, or drop me a note via email and I’ll get back to you asap.

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Vikram Franklin

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