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Why pallets are not tracked beyond a warehouse?

Normally in businesses, pallets keep moving across multiple entities and hence it is not advisable to keep track of pallet movement beyond one warehouse. AX can track each movement of a pallet within a specific warehouse and every time it is transferred to another warehouse, its best to generate a new pallet ID and register that pallet in the receiving warehouse.

In your business,you have a scenario where you need to track the pallet beyond a warehouse and in case if you need to customize transfer order registration screen and build something like a copy Pallets" from sending warehouse to receiving warehouse, it will ease the operational issues of generation of new pallet ids. But , in database the reconciliation of transactions became more tedious and confusing at times.

I understand the amount of work involved in creation of new pallets and re-registration of all item lines in receiving warehouse and this can be one of the main reasons for customization.

However,I won’t recommend such customizations in AX.The user’s need to be explained that, they anyway need to capture new inventory dimensions of receiving warehouse to register item in that warehouse and pallet id is just another inventory dimension. You can also think of building smart customizations for automating pallet number generations and auto registration of all lines.

About the Author

Rohan Wilson Lobo

With 13 years of experience in ERP, specialising in AX functionality across versions , Solution designing ,Project Management and delivery.

Rohan also has special interests in reading about new business processes and features along with understanding their viability. He also enjoys spreading this message across through his blogs.

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