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Achieving High Customer Satisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The pivotal factor that keeps any business going is customer satisfaction. Without this, all your strategies, resources and funding fail to create any profit for you. Being a thought leader in this arena, and a Gold Certified Microsoft partner, SAGlobal knows this for sure, since its success comes from its customers being highly satisfied.

This is why most businesses employ tools and processes that are directed towards elevating customer experience and reaping customer satisfaction. Microsoft Dynamics 365, the latest tool in the market can be utilized to achieve high customer satisfaction levels.

MS Dynamics 365 elevates many attributes of your business that attract customer satisfaction. For one, the product combines the power of CRM and ERP. This makes all your transactions faster, more efficient and well coordinated. You can have a hold on all the internal operations and match them up with customer requirements directly. Through this you can expect faster deliveries, quicker response times and better management of leads.

Customer Interfacing
Being the single point of management, the product facilitates better customer interfacing. For instance, the field service module linked to CRM will give you complete control over the complaints received, the field executive can be assigned tasks automatically and the customer can be kept in the loop by intimating the status of the complaint and executive’s visit. The customer is thus well informed and can expect fast paced resolutions.

Insights, Trends and Changes
The integrated view of your system provides insights into the bottlenecks and obstacles in your process. This will help you quickly rectify and take a different route to serve your customers. Additionally, you understand the customer demands and expectations better based on which you can craft your services to directly please your customers.

If you would like to know how you could achieve high customer satisfaction for your business with Dynamics 365, please reach out at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Dhananjayan Jagadeesh

Dhananjayan Jagadeesh

Dhananjayan K J is Senior Digital Marketing Manager for sa.global, where his role is to primarily develop and implement digital marketing strategies for Microsoft Dynamics products and services. Dhananjayan has over 12 years of enterprise marketing experience with strong background in digital marketing across industries.

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