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HR Thought Leader, Josh Bersin, Highlights Microsoft in Annual Report

Every week, the landscape of HR is edging towards more progressive, modern ways of managing people and workplace culture, whilst empowering the next generation of the workforce. Nobody quite recognises this better than HR industry influencer Josh Bersin, who last week released his annual report entitled, Talent, Technology, and HR Predictions for 2019. With a lens focused on the movings and shakings of the year past, to paint a picture of the future, Bersin tackles a range of water cooler topics from inequalities in compensation, the gig economy, remote workforces on the rise, and automation driving the reinvention of jobs.

With a surge in vendors going to market in response to the demands of the modern workplace and (if you’re lucky) to progress its potential, the opportunity for HR to engage and own the technologies that empower their employees has never been greater. Microsoft, in particular, has invested greatly in this, developing their new product Dynamics 365 for Talent to increase employee engagement and help HR representatives manage the employee lifecycle end to end. That said, it is technology designed not only to deliver increased efficiency and help HR work smarter; it is technology developed with the agile, modern employee in mind.

This, however, is not the same story for all Cloud vendors vying for a stake in the HR market. In his report, Bersin notes, “Cloud-based HR platforms such as Workday, Oracle HCM, and SuccessFactors have not transformed the work experience as we had hoped (Sierra Cedar research shows that user satisfaction is dropping), so we need to build a new tapestry of solutions focused on these systems of productivity.” To this, Microsoft has already responded with a full-fledged campaign which calls to reimagine how employees work with technology, not to mention, built the technology to realise the dream. Small businesses and global enterprises alike have recognised the value of this through their adoption of Microsoft’s HR venture software including Dynamics 365 for Talent and ‘new kid on the block’ for productivity, Microsoft Teams.

These tools have marked Microsoft as a key player in the human capital management (HCM) and modern workplace markets. This is also supported by great encouragement for HR leaders to take the reins when it comes to technology in their organisation where people and culture are concerned. It is a pledge to HR and modern working ideals, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by Bersin. In his ten-point list of predictions for 2019, Bersin states under point nine, “Talk with your IT department about Microsoft and the company’s productivity tools. This year is going to be a big year for wholesale employee productivity tools. Microsoft Teams and related technologies, Slack, Workplace by Facebook, Google G-Suite, and new tools from Cisco are revolutionizing the day-to-day work experience. You cannot survive without being a part of this transition. In fact, I believe your HR technology group should be partnering with IT in this effort, so everything you do in HR is embedded in the flow of work.”

As Partner of the Year for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent and an advocate for the productivity tools provided by Microsoft, the team at SAGlobal could not agree more with what Bersin highlights. On this, SAGlobal's Dynamics 365 for Talent Consultant, Tom Elliott, states, “For a long time we in HR have had to deal with disparate best of breed systems, and then faced the challenge of enticing workers away from the day job to use them. What Microsoft are giving us now is the opportunity to embed HR, in its broadest sense, into everyone’s day to day work. The opportunity the productivity suite provides for easier collaboration and a smoother employee experience is hugely exciting.“

If your HR department is rethinking how to best leverage IT to empower employees in your organisation, we welcome you to contact the SAGlobal team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To hear more from our Talent expert, Tom Elliott, please see Tom’s blog on the Microsoft Partner Network here.

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