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Modernize your ERP with Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the Cloud

Many businesses are considering moving to the cloud but are skeptical about the challenges involved and unaware of the benefits they might reap from migrating to the cloud. Companies still rely on an out-of-date ERP solution, which can act as an anchor, impacting profitability by dragging down business growth and innovation.

So, why should companies consider the move? In an on-premises setting, businesses incur a high upfront cost in infrastructure and there are periodic additional operating costs involved. Cloud allows flexibility in managing hardware costs without having to own, maintain, and pay for servers.

When it comes to upgrades, in an on-premises scenario, businesses need to account for additional IT personnel labor costs to test and deploy upgrades. In the cloud, upgrades run automatically in the background and require minimum oversight. Therefore, there are no additional software or upgrade costs.

One of the main concerns for businesses migrating towards the cloud is the security of their enterprise. Cloud-based ERP ensures built-in security protections to safeguard business data and compliance.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 addresses the issues above and delivers much more. It is a purpose-built intelligent solution that unifies CRM and ERP functionalities and seamlessly integrates with Office 365, SharePoint, Cortana Intelligence, and Power BI. With the new licensing model not only can businesses save money on user and device licenses, but the improved flexibility of the pricing model opens the door for more businesses to utilize Microsoft Dynamics' capabilities.

Is your organization considering moving to the cloud and looking at cloud ERP options? Take a look at how this global media organization used Microsoft Dynamics 365 to transform its finance operations and increase the efficiency of its back-office tasks.

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Mobie Lollen

An experienced marketing professional, currently working for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner. My role entails not only managing the Microsoft Partner Program solely, but also taking care of marketing efforts around the program and the organisation. I have 12 years of marketing experience in the IT Services space.

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