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Projects+ PTO Request Functionality in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

PTO Project Setups

  1. Project Management & Accounting Parameters
  2. Project Management & Accounting Parameters in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations In project management & accounting parameters, go to the Projects+ tab and activate the Personal time off parameters.
  3. Project Group Setup
  4. Project Group Setup in dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations On the Project groups form, create a PTO project group. Make sure to activate the Personal time off parameter on the project group.
  5. Project Setup
  6. Project Setup in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Create a PTO project using the PTO Project group previously created.
  7. Project WBS Setup
  8. Project WBS Setup Setup the PTO Project as desired. It could have one activity or many depending on the company’s needs.
  9. PTO Request Workflow
  10. PTO Request workflow in the Project management & accounting workflows Setup a PTO Request workflow in the Project management & accounting workflows.

  1. Personal Time Off Request
    1. Form
    2. Personal Time Off Request Form To make a new PTO request, go to the Projects+ Personal time off request form and select New PTO.
    3. New PTO Request
      1. Possible to structure by category with one activity
      2. Personal Time Off
      3. Or have one category, with multiple activities
      4. Personal Time Off Multiple Activities

    4. Attachments can be included
    5. PTO Requests Attachments can be added to the PTO request by clicking the paperclip in the upper right hand corner.
    6. Actual hours requested can be adjusted
    7. If only a partial day of PTO will be requested, users can click the lines button to edit the number of hours requested in each applicable day.
    8. Submit to workflow
    9. Submit Work Flow To submit, click the Workflow button and select Submit.

  2. Approve PTO Request
    1. Displays as new work item in Manager Self Service Portal Workspace
    2. Manager Self Service Portal Workspace in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations
    3. Work Item List
    4. Work item List Managers can click on items in their Work Item List to review them in more detail.
    5. Attachment button can be used to view attachments
    6. Approve or Reject Workflow
    7. Approve or Reject Workflow

  3. PTO Request is Approved
    1. Displays as approved in Personal Time off form
    2. Personal Time off Form

  4. PTO line defaults into Timesheet
  5. 4)	PTO line defaults into Timesheet If the “Automatically populate in timesheets” parameter is selected (see Personal time off parameters), the requested time off will populate in that user’s timesheet. The worker is still able to edit that line as necessary if the actual PTO taken differs from the amount of time requested.

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