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As someone in HR, you know that the role of Human Resource has changed in today’s digital workplace. Gone are the days of finding the right job candidate with that certain set of skills and experience – today, it is about finding the right experience, skills AND the right fit for the company culture. HR is no longer a department that functions in a transactional manner. Today’s HR business unit needs to align with the business imperatives and deliver innovative talent solutions.

Dynamics 365 for Talent

You need to deliver to a multi-generational workforce that demands more flexible work options. And that means you need to be agile in adapting human resource practices to meet the needs of the business AND the workforce. For all intents and purposes, this means HR's role is extending past its customary spotlight on talent management, process, and transactions. Today, the expectations are that HR will deliver high-impact, sustainable results by becoming an innovative business partner with broader responsibility to design, simplify, and improve the entire talent experience and deliver a culture of empowerment. Sounds easy, right?

Today’s HR leaders juggle numerous business priorities, employee expectations and programs. The role expects you to be an expert in culture, diversity and inclusion, people analytics, constructive performance coaching, multigenerational and blended workforce engagement, company branding, team agility and adaptability, continuous learning, leadership development, succession planning, compensation, benefits and digital workplace strategy. If you are an HR manager you have your hands full!

To further complicate matters, you are faced with some noteworthy obstacles to create a digital workspace. As the competition for talent continues to be competitive and digital disruption continues to wreak havoc on traditional business models, your success depends on your having deep insight in order to create an aligned and personalized talent experience, from hire to retire. This requires meaningful talent data to provide solid non-disconnected systems that help create insight to allow you to move past traditional, restrictive policies. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent organizations can design a high-performance, collaborative experience across the entire employee lifecycle. Day-to-day business process with a cloud, mobile, employee approach utilizing business insights to innovate talent recruiting, ignite employee success and drive operational excellence for high-impact, sustainable results. /p>

“Dynamics 365 for Talent begins to take full advantage of integration with LinkedIn, and is startling easy to use…it will help us empower our employees around the world to be better informed, more connected and more productive.” Eric Reading Executive Vice President


It’s time to strategically attract, empower and optimize your talent to achieve high-impact, sustainable business results. Microsoft has provided some about Dynamics 365 for Talent which offer important take-aways that can implemented right away including:

  • A seven step approach to more efficient hiring
  • Four top traits of an ideal candidate from Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft
  • How predictive analytics provide you and your hiring managers a competitive edge
  • Practice advice on building a culture of employee empowerment to boost retention

SAGlobal, Microsoft Global ERP Partner of the Year, helped our customer Chemonics implement the Dynamics 365 for Talent read more about their journey click here. For additional questions regarding Dynamics 365 for Talent – Finance and Operations Contact Us.

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