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Transform Customer Data Into Actionable Insights and Predict Business Outcomes With Dynamics 365 For Customer Insights

You’ve got a lot of data on your customers, you collect volumes of it from every interaction with those customers, website visits, content searches, social interactions, communications, transactions and more. However, transforming those vast amounts of data into actionable intelligence remains complex.

Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights converts this Big Data into meaningful insights for your organization. Now you can use your data to uncover new insights that will help you better engage with your customers. With Customer Insights, you can define key KPIs that are always up-to-date. Infer customer identity from ambiguously identified data with predictive match. You can predict business outcomes that make everyone successful including leads that will qualify, opportunities likely to convert, and accounts at risk of churning.

Experience a true 360-degree view of your customers that bring together known interactions, inferences and predictions. Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights allows you to create dynamic audience segments for better targeting. Customer Insight enables you to harness the power of AI for your business to deliver the specific insights for your team to make smarter decisions and better engage your customers so they can market more efficiently, sell more productively and deliver more personalized services with Customer Insights.

Predicting a business has historically required expensive and complex machine learning and AI solutions. Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights enables business users of all skill levels to apply predictive AI to a wide range of predictive outcomes.

  • With Customer Insights, you can add account retention predictions to a holistic 360-degree view of your customer and identify the likely factors influencing their respective predictions.
  • Customer Insights automatically discovers all the available data relevant to the retained and churned accounts and builds the prediction. For instance, it can find data about service incidents, cases, and converted and lost opportunities related to your account.
  • Customer Insights applies data science techniques to automatically identify signals that are the most predictive, and those that may impair accurate predictions. Visualizations clearly show how well predictions perform and you can grade accounts according to predicted retention to more efficiently plan your follow-up.
  • Customer Insights enables you to apply predictions for any business outcome, you can easily apply predictive AI to outcomes such as, which leads will be qualified and which opportunities will be converted. Predictions can also be integrated into Dynamics 365.

Role specific insights such as those for sales managers and sales representative help you achieve more. Customer Insights puts the power of predictive AI in your hands so you can market more efficiently, sell more productively, and deliver better customer service.

To learn more about how Dynamics 365 for Customer Insights can help your business, please contact us.

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Dhananjayan Jagadeesh

Dhananjayan Jagadeesh

Dhananjayan K J is Senior Digital Marketing Manager for sa.global, where his role is to primarily develop and implement digital marketing strategies for Microsoft Dynamics products and services. Dhananjayan has over 12 years of enterprise marketing experience with strong background in digital marketing across industries.

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