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What’s new in Microsoft’s update process for Dynamics 365

Microsoft’s release notes on the upcoming April 2019 update on some of the Dynamics 365 apps and the platform clearly highlights the next big change from Microsoft on the ERP, CRM and HCM front.

As per the recent announcement, Microsoft is moving to a continuous update cycle for Dynamics 365 updates, which will help all Dynamics users stay on the current version or one version in a more consistent and seamless manner.

Once the current v8.2 users are upgraded to v9 (before 31 January 2019), all users will be on the latest version and Dynamics 365 will support one version. This gives a huge benefit to users by giving them access to the new features and functionalities as they are released, while Microsoft is better able to channel its resources on supporting a single version.

Microsoft plans to schedule two major update releases each year in April and October, which will deliver new functions and capabilities. The new update process will primarily reduce upgrade costs, enable all users to access latest capabilities, improve performance and provide a whole new support experience.

For these updates, Microsoft says all disruptive changes to the user experiences and new features will be disabled by default. This means the administrators can test the interface and the new features before enabling them for their organization.

As part of the two major updates, Microsoft continues its focus on Dynamics 365 Customer engagement apps by enhancing the capabilities of the apps. However, there will be different process for how these enhancements will be applied Microsoft moves towards the new update model.

What’s new in Microsoft’s update process for Dynamics 365

In Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Microsoft is coming up with several incremental updates in areas including personalized marketing; target segments optimization; easier onboarding; and integration with the module for various vertical scenarios. The Marketing app will also be getting enhanced social-marketing capabilities which beyond the current social insights and analytics.

In the Sales module, Microsoft is adding more data sources; integration with Teams; enhanced forecasting and firs-run experiences and other additional features for Microsoft Relationship Sales (Dynamics 365 for Sales + LinkedIn Sales Navigator)

On the Customer Service front (CRM module), Microsoft is providing live chat as a support channel; new features are being added to the knowledge base and analytics; Microsoft is also trying to improve extensibility, general usability etc across the module.

The Field Services will be coming with tight integration with IoT Central; and introducing enhanced service and scheduling.

Microsoft is adding a lot more features to the Talent solution by further enhancing its Attract and Onboard applications by making it more powerful and feature-rich. Microsoft is also provisioning more HR data available in CDS for Apps and deeper integration of its Talent apps with LinkedIn.

A lot more specifics about Dynamics 365 features and schedules for them is available in April Release Notes.

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