Project Delivery: No Heroes Wanted

MS Dynamics AX Project Management

Anyone that flies with any frequency will likely have looked to the left when entering a plane and seen the captain and co-pilot working their way through a pre-flight routine checklist.  Builders, doctors, and many others have built and now follow checklists as well.  This certainly wasn’t always the case though.  These checklists were only put in place following tragedy, and even then they needed to get past a lot of professional egos to get established.

While, most professional services businesses are not dealing with life and death, the use of checklists and repeatable processes will contribute greatly toward increased project success rates.

SAGlobal to Sponsor ZweigWhite 2013 Hot Firm Conference

SAGlobal to Sponsor ZweigWhite 2013 Hot Firm Conference

As part of our industry focus in providing Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solutions and services to the Architecture & Engineering industry, SAGlobal is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring ZweigWhite’s 2013 Hot Firm Conference, which recognizes the fastest growing firms in the Architecture & Engineering industry. 

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