Webcast on: Injecting new life into your A&E or Environmental Firm by Mark C. Zweig and Andy Yeomans

Ever wondered how to inject new life into your business?

SAGlobal, in collaboration with Microsoft and ZweigWhite conducted a webcast on Microsoft Dynamics AX for Accounting and Project Management earlier this month which was attended by over a 100 people.

Mark C. Zweig with his 32 years of consulting industry experience in Architectural, Engineering and Environmental firms along with Andy Yeomans Director Sales, SAGlobal,  gave the attendees  a heads up on how to assess the relationship between their   spend having a direct result on growth rate and profitability of your business.

With industry reports showing a growth rate of 20% for highly successful companies in comparison to their peers; Mark addresses the big question on, how does one increase growth rate and profitability. He discusses how with simple marketing efforts one can quickly bring critical changes to businesses that make firms be on par or even see beyond competition.

During the webinar, Mark suggests ‘success keys’ and a few common ‘best practices’ to substantiate on how these key factors will merit the company’s efforts in making it a rewarding and a lucrative business. For example - How it is important to increase marketing budget and how that in turn helps the company leverage increased profitability. Why it is a good practice to get client feedback on ongoing projects.  Why investing more on IT helps in growth. Etc.

In the many questions posed to Andy on how Microsoft Dynamics AX is prepared to address these key best practices defined by Mark, he elaborates on the very need of understanding Dynamics AX provisions for a particular project and how a partner’s expertise can help you evaluate a project’s success and give an approximate time frame to attain profitability. He explains how utilization of resources could be used to a 120% in total with our in-built resourcing system through which companies can benefit for both existing and future business developments, he further addresses the concern on why and Dynamics AX is better equipped for large organizational needs in comparison to others sharing the market space and investing on IT.

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