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As we’ve written about on this blog before, one of our core focus areas as a business is around providing Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP solutions to A&E firms (Architecture & Engineering). In fact, Systems Advisors Group was recently named part of Microsoft’s Virtual Industry Team Unit that will be working closely with Microsoft to provide Dynamics AX ERP solutions to A&E firms. As part of this initiative, we’re also in the process of planning a webcast with ZweigWhite, a respected industry authority providing publications, events, and management consulting services to firms in the A&E industry. More details on this webcast will be provided soon.

In working with ZweigWhite, we recently came across an interesting website that they sponsor that we wanted to point out called AEC Technology Strategies. This website provides technology-related news and resources for AEC firms, including headlines, case studies, whitepapers, and other valuable materials. This site also serves as the home for the annual AEC Technology Strategies Conference.

If you’re interested in visiting the website, please go to www.aectechstrategies.com. 

Contact Us for more information and please stay tuned for our upcoming webcast titled “"Injecting New Life into Your A/E or Environmental Firm".

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Michelle Kirby

Michelle Kirby

Michelle Kirby is the Marketing Coordinator and Account Manager for sa.global.  Michelle’s dual role includes coordination and execution of marketing campaigns and managing sa.global’s existing client base.  Michelle has over 16 years of ERP experience, including consulting, account management and as an end-user in a database administration role.  

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