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What happened to having manuals for solutions?

Back in the day of System 34, 36 and 38, a user would readily have a hardcopy manual that would offer explanations of the product along with detailed steps on how to perform a function or process. Pages would include handwritten notes or scribbled thoughts filling up the columns. Every once in a while, the manual with coffee stains and faded yellow highlighted words would resurface from the cubicle drawer for a forgotten step. Gone are those days of keeping a hard copy manual!

Today, links are shared, Google is searched, and users become thrown into a loop of finding a straightforward answer until now. Being able to provide a manual whether it be a hard-copy or a link is a valuable resource. SAGlobal has taken great steps to provide a comprehensive online guide called Projects+ Features Manual. The online manual allows users to get the most out of their Projects+ solution combining detailed section descriptions along with step-by-step instructions on specific features you see in Dynamics 365. Designed to assist users with different levels of experience and background makes this online a unique and must save link to bookmark in your browser.

Similar to a hard copy book, the online Projects+ Manual is formatted to include: table of contents, introduction and a clickable table of contents. SAGlobal has also added the functionality to Search for a specific topic, keyword, and process. If you don’t believe me, take a peek at the sample page pulled directly from the Projects+ Manual.

Projects+ Manual showing the topic of Reconcile Invoices with Timesheets

The above is a snipped image from the Projects+ Manual showing the topic of Reconcile Invoices with Timesheets which is one of the many available step-by-step topics available.

If you still need additional convincing on why this online manual is great, keep reading. Unlike the hardcopy manuals, this online manual is updated in real-time! The Project+ Manual is a living document meaning current updates and product releases from SAGlobal keep the manual relevant. Readers will experience excellent version management tied back to product updates. One other valuable fact is that there is no need to jot down or add this site to your password keeper app making it easy for users to access quickly. The manual is also accessible directly from the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Help form, with the manual search relevant to the form the user is currently in.

“Our Projects+ Manual is a better experience for our customers and for our development team. Everyone can see the latest information, not look at outdated SharePoint files. We can also easily share information about new features and product fixes.” ~ Joel Leichty, Director of Products at SAGlobal

Although we may prefer to have a hard copy manual the advantages of the online manual is simple technology. It allows for better user experience as you can rely on relevant information, ease of accessibility and well thought out formatting. The Project+ Manual created by SAGlobal is the wave of the future allowing you to put down the hard copy manuals, free up your bookcase and add to the recycle bin. Antiquated hard copy manuals simply take up space and only represent what ‘was.’ For those of you who need something to put your coffee on, the entire Projects+ Manual can be downloaded as a PDF and printed! But we suggest saving the paper and buying a coaster instead.

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