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Services Industry benchmarks and the Business Case for Professional Services ERP over Best-of-Breed

When working with professional services organizations, we at SAGlobal are often part of the debate of whether or not a services organization is better off implementing a best-of-breed software application strategy, or pursuing an integrated ERP system.  In a best-of-breed model, organizations implement separate “point solutions” to manage their various business functions, such as accounting, project management, CRM, and human resource management. In the integrated ERP model, an organization deploys a single integrated system that brings all of these business functions together into one system of record.

Project setup on Dynamics AX 2012 : Video Series (1-6) by Joel Leichty

Series 1 of 6:

Joel Leichty, Senior Consultant at SAGlobal and MVP, 2013; has come up with a series of six short videos to demonstrate specific aspects of AX 2012 for end users. In this blog, you can take a walk through the key setup steps required to create a ‘new Project’ in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Data Partitioning with AX2012 R2

A brand new feature in AX 2012R2; this functionality is used to achieve data isolation across businesses. In AX2012 there are several data articles that are shared between legal entities like -the party, products, locations, exchange rates, Chart of accounts etc. along with certain processes like Procurement and Centralised Payments. 

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