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Work faster with keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations application, there are certain operations that you need to perform time and again. Without a thorough understanding of the different application shortcuts available to you, you are forced to rely on your mouse, which can make work slower, compared to performing the same tasks using keyboard shortcuts. Thus, in this article we have highlighted a list of keyboard shortcuts for Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations which could help you save a lot of time taken to perform repeated tasks on the application.

Filtering shortcuts

To do this Press
Open grid filtering for the current column Ctrl+G
Close grid filtering for the current column Esc
Open the Filter pane (or switch focus between the Filter pane and the main form if the Filter pane is already open) Ctrl+F3
Close the Filter pane (with focus in the Filter pane) Esc
Open advanced filtering/sort Ctrl+Shift+F3
“Contains” wildcard useful in Filter box *
Many drop-down fields will filter automatically on Id and Description columns Begin typing...

Form shortcuts

To do this Press
Create a new record Alt+N
Delete a record Alt+Del or Alt+F9
Save record Alt+S or Ctrl+S
Undo changes to record Ctrl+Shift+F5
Data refresh Shift+F5
Move to the Filter box Alt+Shift+F
Toggle edit mode F2
Perform an action (find a button) Ctrl+'
Attach a document Ctrl+Shift+A
Export to Excel Ctrl+Shift+E
Close the navigation list on Details form (with focus in the navigation list) Esc

Form navigation shortcuts

To do this Press
Move to the next/previous field Tab / Shift+Tab
Expand a FastTab (with focus on the FastTab header) Space or Enter
Collapse the current FastTab Alt+0
Switch to grid view Ctrl+Shift+G
Switch to details view Ctrl+Shift+D
Switch to header view Ctrl+Shift+H
Switch to lines view Ctrl+Shift+L
Close the form (click Back) Esc

Grid shortcuts

To do this Press
Go to the next/previous page of data Page Up / Page Down
Create a new row at the bottom of the grid Down Arrow (from the last row)
Select or clear all rows Ctrl+Shift+M
Move to the first record Ctrl+Home
Move to the last record Ctrl+End

Input control shortcuts

To do this Press
Enter the session date in a date field D+Tab
Enter the current date in a date field T+Tab
Select text in the current field Ctrl+A

Navigation shortcuts

To do this Press
Go to the dashboard Alt+Shift+Home
Go to the navigation bar Alt+Shift+F1
Go to the navigation pane Alt+F1
Favorite/un-favorite a form (with focus on a form in the navigation pane) Shift+F
Go to the company picker Ctrl+Shift+O
Go to navigation search Ctrl+/ or Alt+G
Open the help pane Ctrl+?
Open the trace parser Alt+Shift+T

You can download the PDF version of D365 shortcuts by clicking here.

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