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    sa.global recognized as Finalist for the 2019
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    sa.global recognized as Finalist for the 2019 Media & Communications Partner of the Year Award

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Anish Abslom

Anish Abslom

Anish is best described as a dedicated Dynamics student and an Microsoft Dynamics evangelist with more than 10 years of Architectural experience in various Microsoft product development platforms. He is always fascinated and hooked to anything that involves technical/process developments which can enhance operational/business opportunity for organisations. His current areas of interest are ERP, product consulting, object oriented development and design patterns.

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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 released!!!

I am profoundly glad to let you all know that Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 has released and is available for customers and partners!! With mind-blowing BI, Deep industry innovation, Simpler deployment, Human Capital Management and a host of other benefits that AX 2012 offers. This is one solution, capable of supporting global growth, operations and localized products across 36 countries, including 11 new localizations worldwide. 

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Trace Parser

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Trace Parser is a wonderful tool which can help you in identifying fairly good amount of performance problems within your installations. I would say if you have customizations you should know how to use this tool J.

So what is Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Trace Parser??

Trace Parser provides user interfaces to import, process and render ETW tracing events that produced by Microsoft Dynamics AX. User can then analyze tracing events to identify performance bottlenecks such as long-running X++ methods, slow SQL queries and frequently called RPCs. Features in Trace Parser help users determine the root causes of performance problems.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 on SQL Virtualization


Today I was doing some AX 2012 performance R&D to see how big is the contirbution of SQL to AX 2012 performance issues.

From my experience and following Microsoft guidelines, we would strongly recommend not to virtualize your Microsoft SQL server. For larger Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 installations a Microsoft SQL Server installation on physical hardware is recommended. However, Microsoft supports Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 installations with virtualized hardware for a number of virtualization solutions.

AX 2012 client error : Invalid directory structure for Microsoft Dynamics AX


I was playing around with AX 2012 in one of my labs and I started getting following error.

 AX 2012

To be frank with you, I had made couple of KB updates and few cuddling with my system registry for checking some components. But believe me I landed up in a mess and started getting the following error, was clueless on what was leading to this issue.

AX 2012:Client Calendar lookups do not consider local system regional settings

A strange design change in AX 2012 Client calendar look ups observed.

To give you a brief, until AX 2009,we considered AX client calendar taking the local client system setting. Meaning, if we go to windows >> change the date, time settings and change the first day of the week as monday;my expectation with AX 2009 is, if I do this modification and open my AX client and then go to any of the date field and click Calendar lookup then I should be able to see the calendar for this month starting with day as Monday.

Strange issue of webfiles or webpage nodes not editable in AX 2012

I was facing a strange issue with one of the AX 2012 implementation with customisation of EP and web deployments.

A brief on what we had seen  si as follows

The issue was that you can’t edit web files or web pages in the AOT – so you change a property on one, you save it, looks like it worked, but close it and reopen it again and the change has reverted.

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