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    sa.global recognized as Finalist for the 2019
    Media & Communications Partner of the Year Award

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    sa.global recognized as Finalist for the 2019 Media & Communications Partner of the Year Award

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ERP happens

ERP happens at different times and for different reasons. However, what is always the same is that at some time every successful business reaches a point where a common business system becomes a talking point.

A time arrives where across many different areas of the business the same problems are being encountered. Business efficiency problems such as –

  • Lack of accurate and timely information where the information needed is just not available or not easily found
  • Duplication of tasks and the same information being held in many different places
  • Multiple processes and business practices that achieve the same result
And possibly problems that are not just inefficient but problems that start to impact on profitability, credibility and even the sustainability of a company.
  • High, unstructured costs with poor visibility and control
  • Unable to accurately match supply and demand
  • Inability to efficiently perform critical financial tasks such as month end processing, invoicing, payment and collection.
  • Ability to take and process order quickly, accurately and efficiently whilst presenting a professional image to customers.

Frequently the need for ERP isn’t based on straight forward tangible benefits. Often it’s implemented as there is a need for a solid IT platform, a platform that will provide accurate visibility and control over the existing business and be the base for future improvements and a higher level of growth.

SAGlobal understands the potential benefits ERP brings to the food and beverage industries and what is needed in a complete ERP solution.

Strong integrated financials must provide the centralized foundation upon which all other business functions are built. Business functions such as Human Resource Management, Sales, Purchasing, Logistics, and manufacturing must be provided alongside strong business reporting and intelligence tools that allow information to be collated as and when required.

Aside from the key business areas, any food industry solution must also provide a fine level of functionality; not just BOMs but recipes, yield, traceability, multiple packing selections, catch weight, shelf life, and stock dispositions are examples of capability that must be present.

Some time ago SAGlobal reviewed all the major ERP solutions available and undoubtedly Microsoft Dynamics AX stood out as the best positioned to serve our clients. When viewed in conjunction with Microsoft’s product stack and technology roadmap our customers will be well positioned to take advantage of new technologies and embrace new business opportunities to get the competitive edge.

About the Author

Susan Mattea

Senior Business Manager with sa.global

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