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    SAGlobal recognized as the Winner
    of the 2018 Microsoft Dynamics 365
    for Talent Partner of the Year Award

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John Matterson (Guest Blogger)

John Matterson (Guest Blogger)

Leader, Coach, Trainer, Speaker

Career Experience:
- Building powerful cross functional teams.
- Training and coaching for sales and operational excellence.
- Revenue growth in challenging times.
- Go-to-market strategies: industry solutions, and new ventures.>
- Organizational restructuring for optimal performance.
- Corporate cultures fostered for teamwork, excellence and brand pride.

Leadership roles from back office to sales, in large and small companies, in IT and in industry, in Europe, North America and Asia.

Working with companies on go to market strategies, sales training, team building and coaching.

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Project Delivery: No Heroes Wanted

MS Dynamics AX Project Management

Anyone that flies with any frequency will likely have looked to the left when entering a plane and seen the captain and co-pilot working their way through a pre-flight routine checklist.  Builders, doctors, and many others have built and now follow checklists as well.  This certainly wasn’t always the case though.  These checklists were only put in place following tragedy, and even then they needed to get past a lot of professional egos to get established.

While, most professional services businesses are not dealing with life and death, the use of checklists and repeatable processes will contribute greatly toward increased project success rates.

Project Management: Five Keys to Project Success

Project management is a challenge that requires multiple hats.  You typically bring together a team with diverse skills sets and work styles, and asking them to collaborate successfully on a project that likely has little room for error.  The successful project manager must provide team leadership while at the same time be incredibly detail oriented.

Most companies follow project management methodologies to handle the details, but successful project leadership is harder to define and implement.

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