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Cashflow Forecasting Power BI and Embedded Power BI reports licensed for all users

Cashflow Forecasting Power BI

In any organization, managing the cash flow effectively is vital for the finance division to run smoothly. Cash Flow Forecasting Power BI helps you understand the cashflow that is coming up and know the currency required. This in turn gives you an estimated value of cash the company will need. To forecast the cash flow, you need to first identify the liquid funds of your company. Next, you need to list out the transactions that affect these liquid funds and accordingly set the behavior required for forecasting. Based on your settings, the inputs from various units will be taken to calculate the forecasts.

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Microsoft Power BI

Integrated Operations

The best feature of Cash Flow Forecasting Power BI is that it can seamlessly integrate itself into various other units like, General Ledger, Inventory Management, Accounts Payable/Receivable and Budgeting. Based on the transactions that happen in these units, like Sales orders, Purchase orders, Ledger entries and Budget register entries, the inbuilt calculation process forecasts the cash flow.

Calculation & Reporting

The Cash Flow Forecast Setup page will help you configure the forecasting process. Here, you need to mention the liquidity accounts that need to be tracked. You also have to set the accounts’ behaviors that need to be monitored. This will help in forecasting the cash flow. Once you are through with configuring the Cash Flow Forecasting Power BI and other units from which it takes the input, the Cashflow Calculation Process needs to be run. This will give you the impact each transaction has on the future cash flow. You can next use the Calculate Cashflow Forecasts page to get the forecasts. Finally, you can generate analytical reports by refreshing all the entity information on the Entity Store page. You can also find the associated Cash Flow Forecast reports on the Trial Balance, Supply Forecast, Sales/Purchase Orders and Demand Forecast pages.

Embedded Power BI reports licensed for all users

The August 2016’s update brought in a new feature to Dynamics 365 called Dynamics AX 7.0. Using this feature, all the users could pin up the Power BI Reports on to the workspaces that they were allocated. As a user, you could perform many tasks using this full-page report. Being interactive in nature, the reports allowed exploration and analysis of data, even if large in volume. You needed to have a subscription at PowerBI.com to be able to access or pin Power BI reports to your workspaces.

The accessing of Power BI reports are made easier now. With the growing requirement for data analysis, the reports that are given by Microsoft or its partners have increased in number. This has made the reporting capability imperative and brought in the necessity to make it available to all the users. The Enterprise Edition of Dynamics 365 (Finance & Operations) encompasses Entity Store that has all the operational data. All the users can now access the Power BI reports here without any separate permission.

The good news is that there is no requirement for Power BI licenses if you want to access the embedded reports of the Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations applications. This has made the accessing process easy and simple. Also, the functionalities associated with pinning the reports to your workspaces from PowerBI.com are still available, like before. So, you don’t have to change your ways if you have got used to the pin tiles. However, you will have to take a Power BI license if you want to view the reports beyond the embedded environment.

If you are looking to leverage Microsoft Power BI to explore your data in a variety of graphical visualizations, including charts, graphs, scatter diagrams, map overlays, and many other visual renderings of your data, Contact Us

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