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SAGlobal adds advanced projects solution to Microsoft Dynamics AX offerings

SAGlobal is proud to formally announce a partnership with Adeaca Corporation which allows SAGlobal to resell and implement the Adeaca Advanced Projects solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Now, in addition to offering our ProjAX (now known as Projects+) solutions for the Microsoft Dynamics AX PSA software system, we also have the ability to provide the Advanced Projects alternative to project-based businesses with highly complex project management and scheduling requirements.

For those that are not familiar, Microsoft Dynamics AX is Microsoft’s flagship Enterprise Resource Planning system, designed to integrate an organization’s financial management, project management and accounting, customer relationship management, human resource management, and supply chain management processes all within a single software environment.

Unlike many bolt-on project management systems, the Advanced Projects solution is actually developed within the native Dynamics AX development toolset, so it layers highly advanced project management capabilities into the core Dynamics AX system. SAGlobal will position the Advanced Projects solution for project-driven organizations with highly complex, constraint-based project scheduling and management requirements, including the need to schedule equipment and items in addition to human resources.

Organizations that may be able to take advantage of these features include Contract Research Organizations (CROs), testing laboratories, engineering firms, and other project-driven organizations that manage more than just “people” resources.

Some of the key features of Advanced Projects include:

  • Detailed, task-based scheduling of people, equipment, and item resources
  • Advanced project and capacity planning and scheduling methods including finite and capacity leveling approaches.
  • Critical path management and float analysis for identifying and avoiding possible project execution limitations.
  • Sophisticated role and skill-based scheduling logic for automatically finding and scheduling appropriate resources.
  • Use of Earned Value Analysis (EVA) to measure real-world project performance.
  • Powerful analytics tools for monitoring and analyzing capacities, utilization, and other key project metrics.

For additional information on the Advanced Projects solution, please visit www.adeaca.com.  Additional information on SAGlobal can be found on our industry focused website at www.saglobal.com.

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