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Successfully Onboarding New Hires using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent


In this video, Tom Eliott, functional expert for Talent Solutions, gives you a demo on how you can successfully onboard new hires, using the Onboard product in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent.

Onboard is a product that helps companies keep new hires engaged between the point of offer and then starting in role, as well as making sure your new starters have all the knowledge and contacts they need to hit the ground running and start being productive.

Research shows that in organisations where there is a formal onboarding process, new hires are not only over 50% more productive, but are also significantly less likely to leave within the first 45 days.

So, if you want to accelerate performance, improve retention and loyalty, and reduce costs associated with high turnover, then you need a formal onboarding mechanism. This product can help you provide that.

Although Onboard is part of the Dynamics 365 for Talent suite, it can also be licensed and used as a standalone product. It empowers you to have great interaction with other parts of Microsoft’s ecosystem, like Office. The welcome guides that are created through Onboard are fully configurable at a super user level, there’s no need for development. With the ability to embed products like Microsoft’s PowerApps within the guides, it’s possible to do some quite detailed customisation without any development work at all.

It’s extremely quick and easy to deploy and maintain, the only chal lenging bit is deciding how to structure the content of your onboarding scheme.

Exciting roadmap of new things that we will see added to this product over the coming year, watch this space for updates.

Let’s take a look at the product.

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About Author
Tom Elliott is a Functional Consultant for SAGlobal, where he helps Human Resources teams design and deploy solutions on the Dynamics platforms. He has over 12 years of HR experience, with a background spanning recruitment, personnel administration, organisational development, management information and employee relations in a variety of sectors and settings.

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